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Re: Where Pure Common Lisp lives

    OK, having been beaten soundly by everyone who has ever tried to port a
    big program, I'm ready to agree that the path of maximum sanity is to
    require that the LISP package contain only the symbols of pure Common
    Lisp, and that we create a new standard package (I like the name
    "LOCAL") for containing the local lisp environment, with possible
    extensions.  I'd like to see some variable that holds the current
    default package for MAKE-PACKAGE, with the default default being LISP.

I feel very uneasy about introducing a global variable that controls the
behavior of MAKE-PACKAGE.  How can I expect portable code to load correctly
if this variable has any value other than LISP?

Here's an alternative: How about leaving LISP:MAKE-PACKAGE alone, and defining
LOCAL:MAKE-PACKAGE to default to the LOCAL package?