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Where Pure Common Lisp lives

OK, having been beaten soundly by everyone who has ever tried to port a
big program, I'm ready to agree that the path of maximum sanity is to
require that the LISP package contain only the symbols of pure Common
Lisp, and that we create a new standard package (I like the name
"LOCAL") for containing the local lisp environment, with possible
extensions.  I'd like to see some variable that holds the current
default package for MAKE-PACKAGE, with the default default being LISP.

We should encourage implementations (maybe require, but I'm not sure
about this) not to extend the language by adding keywords and other
non-standard options to the functions in LISP, but to put such
extensions in LOCAL instead.

Once we start considering exactly what goes into the ANSI/ISO spec (I'll
be sending a message about this soon, probably over the weekend), I'll
propose this for formal consideration.

-- Scott