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Re: Keyword extensions to Compile

> From: hpfclp!diamant@hplabs.ARPA
> The problem with making the default environment the extended one is
> that it is IMPOSSIBLE to write portable programs!  If implementation X
> makes an incompatible extension to COMPILE, and I want the CL-only
> environment so I can use the CLtL version of COMPILE, I must say
> something like: #+X (progn (unuse-package 'lisp) (use-package
> 'cl-only))  ; or some other non-standard package name
You're combining the important objection to "some other non-standard
package name" with the objection to the default environment.  They're
separate issues.  I think the name of the pure CL package should be
standard (probably it should be lisp), but I think the default
environment should be the local environment, including appropriate
enhancements, and portable code should back off to the standard
pure-CL package.  I don't want users to have to specify their
environment at startup, even in a canned initialization file.  The
default environment should be what corresponds to our implementation-
specific users' guide.

But the name of the pure-CL package should obviously be standardized.

scott preece
gould/csd - urbana