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Re: Keyword extensions to Compile

    For implementation X to be a superset of Common Lisp means that Common
    Lisp programs written according to the manual will run in X ...

    you make a superset by taking various cases that are errors in vanilla
    Common Lisp and by giving them useful interpretations in your superset.
    This is usually done with undefined functions, ...

    Since you ask, my own view is (still) that each implementation will want
    to provide a default Lisp environment for their users, including all of
    Common Lisp plus some implementation-specific extensions, and that this
    is what should live in the LISP package and be inherited by default in
    other packages such as USER.

Common Lisp programs written "according to the manual" may fail to run in a
supserset implementation under your proposal if they define packages that
inherit from the LISP package (the default case) and the LISP package contains
extra, unexpected symbols (because of package conflicts, unintended function
redefinition, etc.).