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case using other equality-testing predicates

If case used equalp or had a keyword :test with the usual meaning,
I could use case instead of redefining it..
  I include the explanation below for those who might choose to try to
satisfy my perceived need by another programming construct..

In an application I had hoped to put in a package, I used
a construction analogous to 

(in-package 'commandpackage)
   (case  com ;; com is a command, an atom read in by Lisp reader
        (p <some stuff>)
        ((1 first) <more stuff>)
        (cos  <yet more stuff>)
   ... etc)

Now when you read in the atom  p, it is not the same as the item
in the case table, which is commandpackage::p.  Exporting and then
shadowing-importing p, first, cos, .. is not a good idea, (in general), but
specifically because the symbols first, cos, etc  would cover up the 
functions of the same name.

What it seems I need is another macro in the case-family that
tests using equalp rather than eql, so I can use strings.. e.g.
(string-case (string com)
	("p" <some stuff>)
	(("1" "first") <more stuff>)
	... etc..