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Keyword extensions to Compile

In reply to Yuasa:

I agree that it is desirable to allow implementations to add their own
keyword arguments to Compile.  It's too bad that we put the Definition
argument in as an optional.  Given that it is not used much, it would be
better for it to be a keyword.  But we probably should not change this
in an incompatible way now, so your suggestion that we allow NIL to mean
the same thing as not supplying a definition argument is the best
solution, and we might want to make this explicit in the specification
next time around.

However, I think it is legal for you to extend your implementation in
this way as the language is currently defined.  It certainly is an error
to supply NIL as the definition argument, since that could not be a
legal definition, so you can define this error case to do something more

-- Scott