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X3J13 Approval

X3J13, the Technical Committee for the standardization of Common
Lisp, has been approved.  The first meeting will be September 23
and 24, 1986, at CBEMA in Washington, DC.  I am serving as
convenor of that first meeting.  I am also planning to have
further information available at the Lisp Conference in Boston,
August 4-6, 1986.

I have sent another message (with the subject "Lisp
Standardization") to everyone who has expressed interest in the
standards process.  I will continue to send general information
to the whole Common Lisp Community, but most of the stuff about
X3J13 will go to this other more specialized list.  If you (or
your company) are interested in X3J13, please let me know.  I can
also be reached at 9712 Ceralene Drive, Fairfax, Virginia
22032-1704 or (703)425-5923.

-- Bob Mathis