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Environment Query Functions.

    Date: 28 Apr 86 10:36:00 EST
    From: "BACH::GREEK" <greek%bach.decnet@hudson.dec.com>

    I think the watchword is "short and sweet" as far as the environment 
    query functions are concerned.  Here's what we do for VAX LISP.

And here's what we do for Symbolics Common Lisp.


"Symbolics Common Lisp"

    LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION is something like "V2.0".

"System 271.266, TMC5-IO4-COL-MIC microcode 384"

    MACHINE-TYPE is the machine name, like "DEC VAX 11/780" "DEC VAXstation II".

"Symbolics 3600"

    MACHINE-VERSION is tough to call, so we return the SID register, which
		    uniquely identifies the CPU.  Not so great.

A real long string which is a list of all of the components of the
system with their serial numbers.

    MACHINE-INSTANCE is setable by the system manager/user.

The host name of the machine.


"Lisp Machine"

    SOFTWARE-VERSION is whatever the operating system says its version is.

A long string which describes the loaded versions of all systems.

    SHORT-SITE-NAME & LONG-SITE-NAME is setable by the system manager/user.