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Common LISP meeting at AAAI

We're trying (rather hurriedly and belatedly) to get our act together on
activities at the Lisp Conference.  It turns out that there's little
free time during the cofnerence and a lot of people have rather tight
travel plans before and after.  As of now, it looks like there will not
be a mass meeting on Common Lisp of the sort we had last January.  There
probably will be a meeting on object-oriented facilities for Common Lisp
on the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug 6, after the conference is officially
over.  Dick Gabriel is working on setting this up.  The steering and
technical committees will be meeting during the conference and we expect
to have some joint meetings with the people working on standardization
in Europe and Japan.

I believe that the first official meeting of the X3J13 subcommittee will
be in Washington on Sept 23 and 24.  There will be a handout at the Lisp
conference describing how people can participate in this activity.
(People plugged into this mailing list will see this information

-- Scott