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    Date: Mon 2 Jun 86 12:04:59-EDT
    From: Bill.Scherlis@C.CS.CMU.EDU

    If your mail header does not identify you or your mail address, please
    include it in your message.  Who is "mike@a"?

Indeed!  The Symbolics mail reading program parsed it into Allegheny,
which is a local host!  The recieved headers (as far as SU-AI) indicate
he is at Gold-Hill:

Received: from MIT-LIVE-OAK.ARPA by SU-AI.ARPA with TCP; 2 Jun 86  08:45:53 PDT
Received: from GOLD-HILL-ACORN.DialNet.Symbolics.COM by MIT-LIVE-OAK.ARPA via DIAL with SMTP id 2218; 2 Jun 86 11:44:30-EDT
Received: from BOSTON.Gold-Hill.DialNet.Symbolics.COM by ACORN.Gold-Hill.DialNet.Symbolics.COM via CHAOS with CHAOS-MAIL id 21783; Mon 2-Jun-86 11:46:54-EDT