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Re: long-char, kanji

I was doing an editor a while back, and while I used normal strings for
most of the lines, I used lists of full chars for modified lines.  It
was nice to be able to use the extra bits to mean things like "added since
the last screen refresh" or "deleted since..." to help the display driver

I haven't used fonts, but only because I wasn't on a machine that could do
them.  I've since moved to an Explorer, and I'm sure that now that I have
them, I'll use them.  Also, now that I *have* a computer with Control,
Meta, Super and Hyper keys, I'd be very upset if I couldn't input any
combination I can type as a character.

My vote is for leaving at least bits (and probably font) in the language.
As long as string-char is there when you need efficiency, I don't see
what's wrong with having full chars as well.

Evan Kirshenbaum