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MACSYMA would probably want to use FUNCTION-MIN-ARGS, etc. inside its
equivalent of EVAL and/or APPLY. A function which returns all possible
information from one function might be excess overhead in that situation.
I really like the idea of separate functions. We moved away from
the Maclisp ARRAYDIMS which returned type+dim information and provided
separate functions to get the type, dimensions list, individual dimensions,
etc for arrays for what I believe are analogous reasons.

By the way, anything with &KEY automatically allows arbitrarily many
arguments. Does that simplify things? eg, consider:
 (FOO :A 1 :A 2 :A 3 :A 4 ...)
which is clearly defined on p62 to be legal and to return 1. Keyword
mismatches are, therefore, not in the domain of argument -number- checking,
but rather in the domain of argument -type- checking. I'm not saying that's
what I'd like, but it's hard to see any other interpretation.