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Lisp & FP conference siting

	Who made the decision to locate the ACM Lisp & FP conference
away from AAAI?  I doubt I'm the only would-be attendee who rates only
one conference per year and benefited from co-location.  I don't
imagine there were a lot of people that had problems with the overlap
with the AAAI tutorials.
	I joined the ACM in large part because I hoped I would find
out about this sort of thing in advance or (god forbid) vote on this
sort of issue.  I attended both the '82 and '84 conferences and I
STILL haven't received any kind of announcement of this year's conference.
The exchanges in the Common-Lisp DL were the first I heard of it.
	Are the location and timing for '88 decided yet?  If the Lisp
& FP conference can't be held in conjunction with AAAI, it would better
be displaced by 6 months than 1 week in my opinion.  Back-to-back
conferences require too much time away from work in one block.
	P.S. I apologize in advance for sending this to the Common-Lisp
list, but I couldn't think of a more appropriate forum.