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Re: Common Lisp 2000

    Date: Mon, 23 Jun 86 14:39:41 -0100
    From: Jeff Dalton <jeff%aiva.edinburgh.ac.uk@Cs.Ucl.AC.UK>
    To: Fahlman@c.cs.cmu.edu, snyder <@hplabs.hp.com:snyder@hplsny>
    Subject: Common Lisp 2000
    Message-ID: <19836.8606231339@aiva.ed.ac.uk>
    How do people feel about making changes like immutable/mutable whatevers
    part of the ANSI/ISO standard instead of waiting for Common Lisp 2000?
    I don't mean this particular change, which after all we might decide we
    don't want at all, but rather changes of this magnitude.  The EuLisp
    proposals for the ISO standard do contain suggestions on this scale.
    -- Jeff

I'd rather see our limited resources spent on trying to get what we
have into clear and consistent shape, so that we will really be able
to call CL a standard.

	-- Nick