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In reply to: Niels Lauritzen <SR.LAURITZEN at SPEECH.MIT.EDU>

    Now I propose another form to round out the "binding" family
    MACROEXPAND-FLET.  Use it to define functions that are only used
    during the dynamic extent of macroexpansion. 

    MACROEXPAND-LET* would be icing on the cake because the same effect
    could be achieved by using a series of nested MACROEXPAND-LETs.

        macroexpand time binding of a macro (dynamic scoping),

COMPILER-LET (or MACROEXPAND-LET, if you prefer) is of very marginal
benefit, if any.  If people feel that such a thing must be fully rounded
out for reasons of symmetry, I say we should flush the whole thing.

I also feel that it was a major mistake letting MACROLET in, but I've
already lost that battle twice and don't plan to fight it again.

-- Scott