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Our MUFCSPC entry.

We think the following pretty-printer for DO is pretty cute.  Of course, one
could say that we have an unfair perspicuity advantage since we've extended
FORMAT to do pretty-printing.

  (define-list-print-function do (list stream)
    (format stream "~1!~W~^ ~:I~@_~/sys::bind-list/~^ ~_~
                    ~1!~^~W~^ ~_~W~^~@{~%~W~^~}~.~

Just in case you're wondering what the ~/SYS::BIND-LIST/ directive is:

  (define-format-directive sys::bind-list (list stream colon-p atsign-p)
    (declare (ignore atsign-p colon-p))
    (format stream "~1!~@{~1!~W~^ ~:I~@_~@{~W~^ ~:_~}~.~^ ~%~}~." list))

Special thanks to Dick Waters.

- Paul & Rich