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Re: Some easy ones (?)

Nick (NGALL@G.BBN.COM) replied to Fahlman:
        Proposal #9: Variable Name Conflicts
        Specify that it is an error for two parameters (including
	supplied-p and &aux parameters) in the same lambda-list to
	have the same (EQL) name.
        [As previous discussion brought out, we could instead allow this
	case with the last-bound (rightmost) argument shadowing previous
	bindings in the same arglist, but this is certainly bad style and
	interacts in nasty ways with the proposed change to the scope of
    Specify same for LET, LET*, DO, DO*, FLET, LABELS, PROGV, MACROLET,
    MV-BIND, and PROG.

I don't know about DO*, but LET* should be able to shadow previous names.
The restriction seems reasonable for the others mentioned.