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Definition time macros

    I think the idea of definition-time macro expansion should be explored; the
    result might be worthwhile.

Well, I'm not against exploration.  The H-P system does Defun-time
macro-expansion in the interpreter, so you're in an ideal position to
explore this, and H-P probably ought to be working on the problems you
mention: redefinition of macros and true source-level debugging.
Whenever this stuff is ready, let us know; due to H-P's generosity, a
lot of us will be in a position to try the resulting system and see if
we do indeed like it better than the current chaotic way of handling
macros.  We can also see just how much work was required to solve the
problems, and whether it makes sense to require every implementation
install similar facilities.

We probably should not hold up the rest of the language design until
we've seen how this exploration comes out.

-- Scott