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	Date: Mon, 14 Jul 86 16:36:46 pdt
	From: oster%ucblapis@BERKELEY.EDU (David Phillip Oster)

	franz!fizzy!jkf in Mesg 14 suggests that DESCRIBE-ARGUMENTS return a
list like:
	(a b c &optional d e &rest r &key x y &allow-other-keys)

	Fahlman@c.cs.cmu.edu says that a list is hard to parse and a string
	be returned instead.  Is this a joke? Where are the ":-)"s?
	The function exists in Interlisp and is very useful.

Actually, the function in Interlisp doesn't put any of those new-fangled
&-keywords in its result, since Interlisp doesn't have those features.
It is the case, however, that Xerox Common Lisp stores a list just
exactly like that in every compiled function...