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GC and BYE

I'd like to put my vote in for these two functions.  Especially BYE, QUIT or
EXITLISP or whatever.  I recently tried out the new HP Common Lisp.  After
experimenting for a few minutes, I decided to exit the lisp.  I then had to
find the documentation to see how one did it.  It was a real pain.

While we are on the subject, how about another feature.  PSL had the ability
to turn on a switch that specified that all future function definitions would
be compiled instead of interpreted.  It made for a very nice programming
environment to switch between compiled and interpreted code.  Its also
much easier to turn on the switch instead of changing all function definitions
to either:

  (defun foo ... )
  (compile 'foo)

  (compile 'foo #'(lambda ...))

1) Should this kind of feature be system dependent?
2) Switches aren't really present in CL, is there a better way?