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Re: DECLARE SPECIAL Considered Confusing

    Date: 11 Jul 86 18:43 PDT
    From: Pavel.pa@Xerox.COM

    In this message I will give a complete description of my proposal for
    declaration scoping.  I won't attempt to argue for it on the basis of
    ``obviousness'' or clarity, though, because I think that there are
    people who find each of the two ways of scoping special declarations
    confusing.  Rather, I like this way of doing things because it satisfies
    an important (to me) consistency criterion: the scope of \any/
    declaration coincides with a particular lexical identifier scope.

    There are six primitive forms in Common Lisp that can both bind
    identifiers and carry declarations:
    I will describe the scoping rules for declarations in each of these

You forgot DEFUN and DEFMACRO (and similar top-level definers).
Those, I believe, would be unchanged by your proposal, no?