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Re: Proposals 2, 3, & 4

As regards:
	(a b c &optional d e &rest r &key x y &allow-other-keys)

This is not unlike the problem of getting the command line
information into an application program.  There are two options:

1.	pass it unedited to the application program, or
2.	do some primitive parsing on it, then pass it to the program.

#2 saves work for the user, but may lose information.  #1 may be
a pain, but should always work (even in a semi-portable

I like your proposal.  Some might object that the symbol names
may be not carried around at run-time, so you could encode it

(1 2 3 &optional 4 5 &rest 6 &key 7 8 &allow-other-keys)

or even (shudder!) as the following signature

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