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Re: Proposals 2, 3, & 4

 We would be better off defining a primitive function which returns
the argument list information in a 'raw' form and then define the
various higher level functions such as function-parameters,
function-parameter-range, function-parameter-names in terms of this
primitive.   These functions would be written in Lisp in the
specification document (making them unambiguous and making it easy for
user to modify them if he wants different information back).
 The primitive function would return a sequence something like this

	(a b c &optional d e &rest r &key x y &allow-other-keys)
 or a keyword signifying that it doesn't have the information.   The
various items in the sequence would be symbols, using strings loses 
package information.

 The various higher-level functions would probably want to cache their
information to make repeated querys on the same function faster.

- john foderaro
  Franz Inc.