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Proposals 2, 3, & 4

    I am not very happy with proposal #4, FUNCTION-PARAMETER-NAMES.  I
have three main objections:
 1] There is no way to obtain the names of keyword arguments.
 2] There is no way to determine defmacro syntax.  The arguments to
    the macro function are always the form and environment, which
    isn't very useful.
 3] Returning the names as symbols has efficiency implications.
    Spice Lisp stores argument lists as strings to save space.  Since
    the actual symbols naming the argument aren't stored, it would be
    difficult to return the names as symbols.

I question that there is any legitimate portable use of the function
other than simply obtaining the information so that it can be printed
to the user.  It seems that it would be simpler and less restrictive
to have a function DESCRIBE-ARGUMENTS which takes a function and a
stream and prints useful information about how that function may be