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Decisions and Discussions

One additional point: If people do peek at the ISSUES.TXT file and see
something that looks wrong, or if you want to add some topics, it would
be helpful if you would contact me directly by netmail and do not send a
message to Common-Lisp.  I'm afraid that such messages will start
discussions of their own, and that we'll end up with too many
discussions going on at once.

If these discussions do get started, I'll ask people to suspend some of
the topics while we work on others.  As long as something is on the
ISSUES list, it won't be forgotten.

There are still many things that need to be added to the ISSUES list,
including Guy's list of changes and things that were discussed shortly
after the Boston meeting.  I'll tell people when I think the list is
complete, and THEN it would be appropriate to tell me about things that
I missed.