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    Date: 28 Jul 86 13:43 PDT
    From: Masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    a) it is of little general utility
    Given the addition of &body variables for macros, I can think of no
    examples where I would want to directly call parse-body instead of just
    using the macro-expansion option. (I currently have lots of examples
    that call parse-body, but they're all in macros that could use the new
    &body options instead.)

(defmacro condition-bind (list &body body)
  (expand-condition-bind ''t list body))
(defmacro conditin-bind-if (predicate list &body body)
  (expand-condition-bind predicate list body))

Why should I be forced to destructure the body in the defmacro instead
of the common expansion routine?