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Arrays and vectors (again)

Well, the "RPG memorial" as it stands says that only strings can
be used as inputs to the special "string-specific" functions, but
your reply to me says that actually even non-simple char-arrays
can be used as inputs to the string functions.  So I guess then
the name "string" functions isn't very good under this proposal,
since these functions aren't really limited to strings, since
all strings are vectors but you are telling that you can indeed
pass char-arrays-with-fill-pointers to them.  What I am saying
is that your new proposed nomenclature is confusing in this

I admit that this isn't as bad as what the "RPG memorial" message
seemed to say (that only strings worked with the string functions),
but it still seems sort of suboptimal.

Also, what does stringp do?  Does it ever return t for anything with a fill
pointer?  If so, then stringp returns t for things that are not strings,
which seems unacceptable; if not, then stringp will return NIL for some
things that print exactly the same way that strings print, and otherwise
behave very similarly, which seems undesirable.

I guess my opinion is that I am opposed although not fatally opposed.