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Minor changes to proposed reader syntax

I agree with KMP that bit vectors should not use #", even though I think
his proposed alternate use for #" is grotesque and definitely should not
be adopted.  #* would be fine for bit-vectors.  It should terminate on any
token-separator; finding an undelimited constituent character that is not
a valid digit should be an error.

Some of the reasons why I don't like the #" proposal:

- it only deals with carriage returns, not with any other special characters
you might want to insert into a string.  You cannot access FORMAT's ~C operator
since you cannot supply any FORMAT arguments.

- it uses up the ~ character in a way that may not be obvious.

- it's mere syntatic sugar for what you can do easily enough with #. anyway.

I'm also surprised that KMP, who in an earlier message advocated eliminating
syntax that disappears on read-in (so that he doesn't have to write a special
reader for his programmer's-assistant system), is advocating this.  Oh well,
I'm not always consistent either.