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Case usage in CL manual

Why do the Maclisp manual and the Lisp machine manual display code in lower
case, although those systems actually use upper case?

Well, two reasons.  One is that Multics Maclisp, in keeping with the conventions
of its host operating system, is a case-sensitive Lisp with the standard case
being lower-case.  So it would have confused a lot of readers if the manual
printed code in upper-case.  The other reason is that all upper-case text tends
to look bad in printed manuals, particularly if you don't have a small-caps font.

I didn't say anything about this earlier, because I didn't want to prolong
the discussion, but I am another user who likes to see code and system
output in upper case, and comments and user input in lower case, to
distinguish them.  Multics Maclisp, supposedly a two-case system, ended up
being effectively a one-case system that never used upper case.