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   Date: 13-Sep-82 11:21:15 PDT (Monday)
   From: Masinter at PARC-MAXC
   Subject: Re: Case
   If the majority of programmers prefer lower case to upper as a way of
   reading their programs, programs should defaultly print out in lower case.
   Given a case-insensitive status-quo, should the reader coerce to lower 
   case rather than upper?
I agree with KMP's and GLS's responses to this.  
I don't know what the majority of programmers prefer, but I've found many 
programmers who prefer every which way: some lower case, some upper case, 
some like to capitalize the first letter of names, some like to 
capitalize LISP System names and quoted items but not variables.
I personally find talking about LISP easiest when code is capitalized while 
descriptions are in mixed case so it is easy to separate the two by eye.