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Case usage in CL manual

I guess I didn't think too hard about the choice of case in
the manual; it was inherited from the LISP Machine manual and
the old MacLISP manual.  Perhaps MOON can lend insight here.

I happen to favor case insensitivity with internal upper-case
canonicalization because I find it very convenient to let case
distinguish input from output (what I type is lower case, what
is printed is in upper case).  I admit that others might find this
annoying.  Except for this mild preference, I suppose I could live
happily with a case-sensitive LISP provided that no one took
advantage of it.  (Using "car" and "Car" as distinct variable
strikes me as being on a par with using FOO and F00 as distinct
variable names -- it just isn't good practice.  That is my taste.)

In any event, suggestions for improvement of the presentation in
the CL manual are always appreciated.