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Re: Case

I don't want to deprive you of the last word, and you'll still get it if
you reply to this.  I an curious as to what the outcome would be of a poll
that includes this variant of your question 2:

   If a case-insensitive Common Lisp were the only lisp available on your
   machine, would you:

   a) use it, possibly with some grumbling, as a case-insensitive language?
   b) ask the person in charge of Common Lisp at your site to add a switch
      to disable the code that maps all characters to the same case, thus
      making it possible for each user to make Common Lisp case-sensitive,
      realizing that to take advantage of this switch would render your
      code non-portable (that is, potentially unusable at any non-Unix site,
      and even potentially unusable at any site but your own)?

Would you be willing to take a poll on this question?  (I don't insist on
it, particularly if you are certain that everyone polled before realized
the implication that I have spelled out explicitly in response b) above.)