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Job change for Quux

I have accepted a position at Tartan Laboratories, Incorporated ("Bill
Wulf's company" -- notice the quote marks) beginning 1 January 1983.
For this purpose I have applied to CMU for a one-year leave of absence.
(The length of this leave is standard; it should not be construed as
positive evidence that I will definitely return to CMU after one year,
nor should this disclaimer be construed as negative evidence.)

More disclaimer:  I can not speak for Tartan Laboratories in any
official manner at this time.  Nevertheless, I think it is safe to say
that in the near term I will probably be working on PQCC-type software
for the construction of compilers for algebraic languages.  Those of you
who know me or saw the paper at the June SIGPLAN Compiler Construction
conference know that I have great interest in "mainstream" compiler
technology, motivated in part by a desire to apply such technology to
AI languages such as LISP; the S-1 compiler leans heavily on what
was learned from the BLISS-11 compiler.

I hope this new job will not take me out of the LISP community.  I'll be
on the ARPANET, and I'll be involved in IJCAI-83 and the next LISP
conference, whenever it is (in two or three years).  Also, I have
informal assurance from Wulf that there will be no problem with my
spending a few hours a week working on Common LISP, so if everyone
concerned is agreeable I will continue to edit the manual, poll for
opinions, collate issues, and so on (I predict fairly rapid convergence
now anyway, with most of the problems resolved by January).

I cannot say whether Tartan will be interested in producing LISP compilers
[disclaim, disclaim].  I think it's fair to say that they are much more
likely to do so with me than without me (or someone like me, i.e.,
a LISP person).