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Documentation strings and function.

Since one is allowed to declare the following :-

(defun foo (a b)
  "A docstring."
  (declare (special a))
  "Another docstring."
  (declare (special b))
  (frob a b))

what will the documentation be for Foo?  The book seems to be quiet on
this issue.  I would hope that it  would be either a) the two strings
concatenated (i.e. when Parse-Body (what?) returns the docstring they
are all stuck together, or b) it returns a list of docstrings.
The implemetation I am using discards all but the first.

While on the subject of documentation :-

Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a Documentation function doc type
called :All or some such, returning an AList of doctype and docstring.
Since a number of CL supporting systems will have doc types of their
own (Flavor and such like) and users might want to add their own it
would be jolly good if one could guarantee getting all of the docs
for a symbol.