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preprocessor-based Common Lisps

I am trying to collect a comprensive list of Common Lisp implementations that
use a preprocessor, or anything remotely like one.  This would mean anything
from a simple tokenizer to a full preprocessor.  I would appreciate any
information which you could supply, including not only the implementation,
but also some explanation of the extent to which a preprocessor is used.  I am
quite familiar with HP's implementation, as I was one of the implementors, but
I would like to hear about other implementations which use varying degrees
of preprocessor technology.

I would also like to know about any implementations that use a compile-only

Thanks in advance,

John Diamant
Systems Software Operation	UUCP:  {hplabs,hpfcla}!hpfclp!diamant
Hewlett Packard Co.		ARPA/CSNET: diamant%hpfclp@hplabs.HP.COM
Fort Collins, CO