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Common Lisp symbols

    Date: Mon 6 Apr 87 14:08-EDT
    From: "Stephen E. Robbins" <STEVER%OZ.AI.MIT.EDU@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU>

    The company I work for is just starting a large project
    in Common Lisp.  For portability, we'd like to create our
    own special package into which we IMPORT the implementation's
    Common Lisp and then EXPORT *exactly* the set of CLtL symbols
    that make up common lisp.  Our packages will then USE our
    private CL package.

    Does anyone out there have a list of the symbols in CLtL?
    Or is this going to require going through the manual page 
    by page and figuring out what needs to be [im]ported?

Most, but unfortunately not all, implementations of Common Lisp are
careful to make the package named LISP contain all and only the
CLtL symbols, and to put their own symbols into a package with
a different name.  I think you will find an increasing number of
implementations conforming to this implementation as time goes by.
If you need to be portable to an implementation that has not been
this careful, you can get the list of symbols from one of the careful
implementations, rather than doing your own debugging of the typos
in the manual.