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Re: CommonObjects on CommonLoops

As several people have noticed, it is not possible to get to
/ja/guest/kempf/public via anonymous ftp. I have set up the
COOL distribution so that it is in /pub/cool, rather than
/ja/guest/kempf/public. If anybody has taken the cool.tar
file which was in /pub, it contains the cool distribution
in U*NX tar format, but it was not properly made so there
may be trouble un-taring it. In any event, I would suggest if
you have trouble, that you simply get the new distribution.
Again, there are two subdirectories under /pub/cool-cool and
pcl, containing, respectively, the COOL release and the 2/24/87
PCL release. The directory /pub/cool itself contains a README

Thanks for your patience and I'm sorry for the confusion. Let
us know how you're doing.

		Jim Kempf	cool@hplabs.hp.com