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CommonObjects on CommonLoops

*******  Announcing CommonObjects on CommonLoops *******

A portable implementation of HP's CommonObjects 
object-oriented programming language is now available.
More information on CommonObjects semantics can be found
in the article "CommonObjects: An Overview" by Alan
Snyder in the October, 1986 issue of SIGPLAN Notices,
or by mailing a request for the technical report
ATC-85-1 to mingus@hplabs.hp.com

CommonObjects on CommonLoops (COOL) uses the metaclass
kernel of Portable CommonLoops (PCL) to implement
95% of CommonObjects functionality. Both COOL
and PCL run embedded in Common Lisp. COOL is
freely distributable and available via anonymous FTP from 
ingres.berkeley.edu. It is located in the directory 

Tests of COOL in HP Common Lisp (where it was developed)
and Kyoto Common Lisp have been made, and it is
designed to be as portable as PCL. Currently, COOL
runs on the 2/24/87 release of PCL. In order to
avoid software tracking problems, the release of
PCL in which COOL runs will be distributed along
with COOL. In the cool directory are two subdirectories,
one containing the PCL source (pcl) and one containing
the COOL source (cool). The (upper) cool directory also contains
a README file describing how to build and use the system.
The cool/cool directory, in addition to the COOL source, contains
a series of regression tests and profiling tests.

Please report any problems with COOL to cool@hplabs.hp.com.
We are interested in any portability problems but cannot
attempt to fix them unless we can either get access to a 
running system where the problem is occuring or get enough
information that we can help a knowledgable Common Lisp
programmer fix the problem.