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IMPORTations into keyword package

    Date: Wed, 4 Mar 87 07:59:14 PST
    From: edsel!bhopal!jonl@navajo.stanford.edu (Jon L White)
    Does anyone have a need/opinion about the meaning of importing an
    "interned"symbol into the keyword package? ("interned" means already 
    "homed" in some package, such as Lisp or User).  CLtL, page 175 strongly 
    suggests that "keywords" ought not to be imported into other packages 
    ("keywords" means "present and owned by the keyword package"); but there 
    is no suggestion about the other direction.
Let's just make this "suggestion" symetric.  I think this must have
just been assumed, given that "whenever a symbol is added to the
KEYWORD package the symbol is always made external; the
symbol is also automatically declared to be a constant (see DEFCONSTANT)
and made to have itself as its value."