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Regarding Roman numerals:

  Having recently visited Roman-numeral land, I too was curious about implementations that 
did not print Romam numerals above 3999 (new) or 4999 (old). Not recalling the entirety
of my elementary school education, I consulted the Table of Numbers in
Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (page 812).

  Roman numerals above 1000 are written with "bars" above them. These have no ascii
equivalent. Use of lower case is equivalent to the upper case use. Below, a hyphen
following a letter is to be interpreted as a bar above it.
The numerals above 1000 are:

	     5,000      V-
            10,000  	X-
           100,000      C-
         1,000,000      M-

  The question is: after the year 4999, how will Common Lisp print film copyright

                                       - Larry Stabile