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Mailing List for Lucid Users

We have set up an ARPAnet mailing list, "lucites@c.cs.cmu.edu", for the
exchange of information related to Lucid Common Lisp.  This mailing list
is meant to function as a sort of informal users' group; it is not under
the control of Lucid, though some Lucid people will receive it.
"Lucites" is an appropriate channel for queries, programming hints, and
the sharing of software (large programs can be announced but should not
be distributed over this mailing list).  "Lucites" is not an appropriate
channel for bug reports, commercial announcements, or sales pitches.

Because our machine's capacity to forward mail is limited, we must
reserve the right to refuse any request to add more than two recipients
to the list from any given site; if you have three or more people who
want to receive this mail, you are expected to set up you own local
redistribution list or to direct the mail to a bulletin board that your
people can access.  (If anyone wants to set up a version of this list
without such restrictions, please contact us and we will gladly turn the
task over to you.)

To get your name on the list, send mail to
"lucites-request@c.cs.cmu.edu".  Requests sent to us personally will be
ignored.  Requests sent to the mailing list as a whole will result in
scorn and abuse being heaped upon you.  If any address on the list
starts bouncing mail sent to it, it will be excised from the list at

Scott E. Fahlman
David B. McDonald

Computer Science Department
Carnegie-Mellon University