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Well, I don't know about "several of the Macintosh Lisps," but ExperCommon
Release 2.2 handles (defun foo (&rest a) a);(foo 1 2 3) --> (1 2 3) 
correctly; so, for that matter, do Gold Hill's GC286 and GC386(Hummingboard)
implementations. By the way, I've mentioned this in lisp news already, but
watch out for the Hummingboard Lisp: it thinks that log of 1e6 to the base
10 is a double-precision value slightly greater than pi, reproducibly, and
the rest of its math functions are similarly creative. It also gives
incorrect results (not error _messages_, mind you, just wrong answers)
running a version of Forgy's OPS5 that was only modified as necessary to
make it run on GC286. Gold Hill's phone support has been courteous and
sincerely interested, but for the moment we're in the incongruous position
of using the Hummingboard as an unbelievably nice editor but doing serious
testing and production on a plain-vanilla DeskPro 286...