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    Date: 22 Apr 1987 1254-EST (Wednesday)
    From: rauen@CLS.LCS.MIT.EDU (James R. Rauen)

    I'm encountering some difficulties with synonym streams.  Let's say I
    do the following:

	    (defvar a *standard-input*)
	    (defvar b *standard-output*)
	    (defvar c (make-synonym-stream 'a))
	    (defvar d (make-synonym-stream 'b))
	    (defvar e (make-two-way-stream c d))
	    (setq a *standard-output*)

    Now stream C has been turned into an output stream.  What is E now?
Illegal.  It's first argument is required to be an input stream.

    What does it answer to INPUT-STREAM-P?  
Probably T, in in many implementations.  NIL if it
actually checks its input stream.
					    I can also cause trouble by
    changing the value of a synonym stream's variable from a character
    stream to a byte stream.
Sure.  CL gives you enough rope to hang yourself.