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OR and Multiple Values

>    Is it reasonable to expect SOME to return multiple values?
>    What if the predicate returns multiple values?
>>No, for the same reason that OR returns only a single value for clauses
>>other than the last one.  That is, the implicit NULL test "consumes" the
>>values returned from the predicate, discarding all but the last one.

I've always been a little disturbed by this fact.  I suppose the 
extra effort to always insure multiple values are dealt with "properly"
is probably not worth it in general.  However, I'll take this opportuntiy
to again ask for a MULTIPLE-VALUE-OR special form, since it cannot be
defined without consing in Common-Lisp (I guess it COULD be a macro that
expands into consing code, but the compiler would know about, but that is
another discussion).

- Kelly