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Re: Flavors for KCL

    Mr. Hagiya, one of the implementors of KCL ported the Flavors system
    to KCL.  This Flavors was originally written in Franz Lisp by Franz
    Inc.  Please contact him if you are interested.  His E-mail address is


    - Gitchang -

What I obtained from Franz (directly from the president) is the
so called Old Flavors, which is in the public domain, and which
is different from Franz's Flavors or Symbolics' New Flavors.

Gitchang's comment is not correct in that I did not port Old Flavors
to KCL, but my collegue Yuasa did.  Moreover, since Old Flavors is
written in dynamically scoped Lisp, he could not completely port it
to KCL.  As he is not satisfied with the result, he does not want
to give the code away.

If you are interested in obtaining the code, try to persuade him.

-- Masami Hagiya