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Atoms in association lists

I am not sure if this is just another interpretation or (more likely) a

	I write
		(setq alist '((a . 1) b (c . 3)))
	then try
		(assoc 'c alist)

In Kyoto Common Lisp and in ZetaLisp, I get an error since the second
	element of alist is not a CONS.  In Golden Common Lisp, I get no
	error.  In fact
		(assoc 'b alist) ==> nil

I like the Gold Hill implementation, however.  It makes the processing of
	things like 
		((:gettable-instance-variables a b)
		 (inittable-instance-variables c d))

Is the GCLisp interpretation wrong?  If so, aside from RPLACD problems,
	wouldn't the GCLisp be slightly more useful?

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