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Format ~E nit -- language lawyer sought

What should be the result of (format nil "~E" 1.0)?

A. "1.0e+0"
B. "1.0e0"
C. All of the above
D. None of the above

The top of page 393 says, "Next, either a plus or a minus sign is
printed, followed by e digits ... [decimal exponent]"

Later on page 393 we see, "If all of w, d, and e are omitted, then the
effect is ... [like prin1].

Page 366 [presumably where prin1 is defined] doesn't explicitly say that
the plus sign is omitted from the exponent, but all the examples (and
usual practice) indicate that.

The first reference implies that A is correct, the third reference
implies that B is correct.  The second reference implies that A and B
are the same.