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Re: Interpretation Needed for #+feature

One of the many unimplemented features of Golden Common Lisp is
*READ-SUPPRESS*, which is why GCLisp does the wrong thing with #+ and #-.
(See page 345 of CLtL.)

I have successfully gotten around the problem by redefining the #+ and #-
reader macros to do the following instead of binding *READ-SUPPRESS*:

	Copy the current readtable and save it.

	Modify the entry for #\: to make it behave the same as #\A.

	Read the suppressed form.

	Restore the old readtable.

Even this is not easy because, although GCLisp has readtables, it is missing
the standard readtable functions.  Send me mail if you need help.

				--Stuart A. Malone