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To:       (common-lisp@sail.stanford.edu)
From:     Doug Rand (DOUG@ENX.PRIME.COM)
Date: Fri, 22 May 1987 08:25:00 -0000
Subject:  Portable public domain DEFSYSTEM available for use

I have a defsystem and associated utilities that others may find
useful.  I have made the code available for use on SAIL via anonymous
ftp from defsys.lsp[com,lsp] and the documentation from
defsys.doc[com,lsp]. (Many thanks to Dick Gabriel for putting them up
for me)

The usual caveats apply about no warrantty expressed or implied.  You
can pass the source and documentation on to others but I ask that
enhancements get funnelled back through me.  Modification for your
own use is,  of course,  no problem.

Some effort has been made in options to use existing names for items
where appropriate but this really isn't a direct copy of the
functionality of the ZETALISP defsystem facility on the LISPM.



An abbreviated description:

(defsystem system-name

Compile-system (function)

(compile-system system-name {keys})
     Compiles  all modules requiring recompilation.  The recompile keyword will
cause all recompilations to occur regardless of 'need'.  Need is determined  by
the date-time of the respective binary and source files.

(load-system system-name {keys})
     Loads modules of a system.  Load-system  is  called  recursively  for  all
required systems.  Keyword options are:

(show-system system-name)
     Pretty output of system description.