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CMU Common Lisp Distribution

With DARPA funding, the University of Southern California's Information
Sciences Institute (USC/ISI) is serving as a distribution center for
public-domain Common Lisp software packages.  The first of these packages
includes the source files for CMU Common Lisp (formerly known as "Spice
Lisp").  The package also includes an unsupported public-domain version
of the OPS5 language that is written in Common Lisp.

If there is sufficient interest, and if funding allows, we will later expand 
the distribution program to include additional software packages from other 

CMU Common Lisp is a full implementation of Common Lisp, developed as part of 
the Spice project at Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU).  This system runs only 
on the IBM RT PC, and only under CMU's Mach operating system (superficially 
similar to 4.3bsd Unix, but with a different internal organization).  Since 
the IBM RT version of Mach is not currently supported outside of CMU, it
follows that CMU Common Lisp is *NOT* a system that anyone can obtain and
run as is.  We are making the sources for this system available because a
number of groups have found it to be a useful starting point for their own 
Common Lisp implementations.  Typically, it takes a man-year of effort to port
this system to a new machine and operating system (more if the target
environment is unusual).  Individuals and small research groups who want a
Common Lisp for their own use are advised to use one of the commercially
available products.

This source code is in the public domain and, once you have them, there
is no restriction on how you may use them.  They are made available as a public
service, with no warranty of any sort by the authors, CMU, or USC/ISI, and
with no promise of future support.  CMU Common Lisp has been heavily used at
CMU, but it has not been extensively tested in any systematic way.  Questions 
about the distribution procedure may be directed via electronic mail to
ACTION@ISI.EDU, or you may call (213) 822-5511.  Bug reports and questions
about the code itself should also be directed to SCOTT.FAHLMAN@CS.CMU.EDU.

This distribution package contains approximately 7 megabytes of ASCII source
files.  It can be obtained over the Arpanet/Milnet by establishing an FTP
connection to VENERA.ISI.EDU and logging in as "anonymous" (any password can be
used).  For optimal response time, please conduct your file transfer during
our non-primetime hours (1800 to 0800 PDT).  The source files are kept in the
following directories:

 (Runtime system and interpreter for CMU Common Lisp on IBM RT PC under Mach)

 (Compiler from Common Lisp to native code for RT/Mach.  Mostly written in
  Common Lisp itself.)
 (Sources for the Hemlock text editor. This editor is similar at user level to
  Emacs.  Written in Common Lisp, but contains some Mach-specific system calls
  and display code.  Uses either X windows or standard termcap terminals.)

 (Portable Common Lisp version of the OPS5 production-system language.
  A quick and dirty port of the public domain version that was developed 
  originally in Franz Lisp.  No support whatsoever is provided.)

 (Low level support routines for the IBM PC RT: garbage collection, generic 
  arithmetic, etc.  Totally machine-specific.  Provided as an example of what
  needs to be done in order to port this lisp to another machine.)

 (Lisp functions implementing the interface between Mach and CMU Common Lisp.
  Very system-specific.  Provided only as an example.)

 (Cursor definition file and spelling dictionary used by the Lisp runtime 

If you would like to order a tape, we will first send you a release form 
which you are required to sign prior to receiving the tape.  When you return
the signed release, include a check made payable to USC/Information Sciences
Institute for $100.00 to cover the production and mailing costs.  Please
remember to include a complete return address.

The default tape format will be tar 1600 bpi, unless otherwise specified.

Currently ISI is only prepared to distribute tapes containing the CMU 
Common Lisp code to individuals or companies within the United States.
We are currently negotiating with the Department of Commerce and CMU
to obtain authorization to distribute the code to countries outside of
the United States; however, we do not expect approval in the immediate

The following hardcopy documentation produced by CMU is also available 
to all recipients at a cost of $20.00 per package (payable to USC/
Information Sciences Institute).  The package includes:

     - "Internal Design of Common Lisp on the IBM RT PC"
     - "CMU Common Lisp User's Manual, Mach/IBM RT PC Edition"
     - "Hemlock User's Manual"
     - "Hemlock Command Implementor's Manual"

Please send your request for a tape and/or documentation to ACTION@ISI.EDU,
or mail it to the following address:

		USC/Information Sciences Institute
                Attn: ACTION 
 		4676 Admiralty Way
		Marina del Rey, CA  90292
		(213) 822-1511 ext 289